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Architectural Home Designer Software – Home Designer Suite

October 20th, 2017

As a home design software developer, Chief Architect has always had the reputation of publishing programs that are not only highly effective, but also easy to use. Over the years they have come out with a number of home design software, each having its unique twist. Some target the more advanced users such as professional builders or serious designers.

On the other hand, they also have programs that are a bit on the lighter side as they hope to bring out the fun in designing. Among the latter is the Home Designer Suite – a complete home design software package that aims to make the entire design process as easy and as fun as possible. At only $99, it also comes with a fair price tag to pay considering its comprehensive feature set.

Powerful Yet Easy

The trademark of Chief Architect programs is that aside from bringing powerful design tools to the hands of their users, these programs are also very easy to use and quick to learn. Home Designer Suite is no different. It is an excellent tool for those who wish to create the perfect landscaping, remodeling, or home design plans. There are a variety of wizards that will make things a lot easier for users; among them is the House Wizard which holds numerous built-in templates for users to choose from. There’s even over a thousand sample plans available which should help users visualize their new home designs.

For those who may encounter any problems using Home Designer Suite, there is a variety of support mechanisms available. Loads of training videos and “how to” tutorials should provide more than enough help and support for any type of problem.

Great for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Home Designer Suite is also an excellent program for designing or remodeling one’s kitchen and bathroom. One can end up designing the kitchen of his or her dreams by adding new appliances and moving walls with ease. The same goes with bathroom designs as Home Designer Suite lets its users visualize their ideas in full 3D. One of the best features of Home Designer Suite is the addition of the Cabinet Designer Tool. Here, users can construct custom cabinets in a matter of a few minutes. Almost every part of the cabinets are customizable including door styles, countertops, and colors. With this new feature on board, users can be sure to come up with the most unique cabinets that will suit their overall theme without a hitch.

Virtual Tours Abound

Users need not worry about ending up with a designs that they’re not 100% satisfied with. Thanks to the various preview modes made available by Home Designer Suite, users will surely have the designs that they actually want. Designing in 3D is an option through the program’s virtual camera that enables a point-and-click feature.

Once the projects are finished, users will have an option to view their new designs through a variety of different views. Among them include the Glass House and the Doll House view which provide a translucent and roof-less, bird’s eye view of the home, respectively. If this isn’t enough then users can also opt for the 3D virtual tour which will make it seem that they’re actually walking inside their new dream home.

How to Use a New Home Builder’s Design Center

October 18th, 2017

If you choose to buy a new home from a homebuilder, the new home will, to varying degrees, have features in common with other homes. This gives those searching for a new home to buy the advantage of being able to compare existing models to the new home they are considering. However, most people want their new home to reflect individual tastes. That’s where the design center comes in. Because many higher-end new home builders offer custom design centers, this article seeks to explain how to use the design center – and how to finance your options and upgrades.

Homebuilders offer design centers for at least two reasons. One is that the homebuilder wants to offer those searching for a new home to buy the ability to customize a new home based on individual aesthetic preferences. The other is that, because the designing can be financed as part of the mortgage, the new home buyer is in a position to choose features that might otherwise be cost prohibitive.

New home builder Orleans Homes has an award-winning design center and, because of the company’s reputation, their design center is used as a reference point for evaluating how to use a design center and finance new home design. To preview the Orleans Homes Design Center, click here.

When you buy a new home from a quality homebuilder, you will be invited to browse options for enhancing your home. Some pre-priced home enhancement options will include carpet and flooring, lighting and sound, kitchen cabinets and appliances, doorknobs and stair rails, and windows and doors. Obviously, the selection can be quite extensive. When you sign on the dotted line, you will be invited to meet personally with design consultants to review your options. The advantage of personalizing the look of your new home before completing the purchase is that you can finance all of it as part of your mortgage – obviously a tremendous deal.

When you first meet with a design consultant, bring your options manual. As part of the new home buying process you will likely be given one, typically by a sales manager. Then, using the manual or viewing staged home interiors, you and the design consult will discuss options and pricing. Remember, you will typically have 45 days from your agreement of sale to complete all your selections for eligibility. When you go to the appointment, it is a good idea to bring fabric, pillows or even furniture drawers to coordinate furnishings with the new interior finishes of the new home. Then, when you make your structural selections, the decorative process begins. A deposit will be due as final decorator selections are made.

When meeting with the design consultants, come knowing what you like – and what you don’t – and remember that even though the financing is a good deal, you will owe the money at some point so don’t be talked into options you don’t like. And of course, if you are browsing new home builders, it may be wise to avoid homebuilders that don’t present options for personalizing your new home.

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Top 3 Advantages to Buying a New Home

October 16th, 2017

Very often buyers who opt to buy or build a new home also consider re-sale homes during their initial search. And even as a new home builder, we admit there are some notable advantages to buying re-sale (be a part of a more established community, mature trees, homes with “old” charm, etc.). However, we believe that the number of disadvantages or “unknowns” to buying a re-sale home (um, we’ll just replace all the windows, and I think the dishwasher is about 15 years old, and what is that smell?!) far outweigh the advantages and therefore contend that buying a new home is a smarter choice (I know, a new home builder alleging such – shocking right)?! But hear us out…

Top 3 advantages to buying a new home:

1. Modernization
2. Warranty Service
3. Making It Yours

MODERNIZATION: New homes are designed and built with the most innovative trends, materials, and technology. With regard to design trends, wasted spaces like two story foyers and family rooms are out and smartly designed spaces meant to maximize each square foot are in. These designs incorporate spaces like walk-in closets, storage spaces (because you don’t know how badly you need storage space until you don’t have it, right?!), lofts designed with home offices and/or guest suites in mind, and versatile kitchens (see our kitchens on Facebook!) designed to be “home base” – a space functional enough that mom/dad can cook while the kids are working on homework, yet elegant enough that it’s conducive to entertaining guests.

Additionally, in recent years, new home builders have begun to incorporate green building and energy efficient techniques in their new home designs. A few examples of these techniques include but are not limited to; Low-E (low-emittance) windows that reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiative heat flow, dryline house wrap which serves as a draft and moisture barrier, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, Energy Star appliances (which earn this label by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, as required by the U. S. Department of Energy), all of which contribute to lower energy costs for you.

WARRANTY SERVICE: When purchasing a new home, not enough can be said about the comfort of knowing that if something malfunctions or needs a little tweaking, the one year warranty program comes into play. In a re-sale home, if a problem arises, it’s entirely up to you to fix and to pay for.

As a proactive measure, new homes are inspected at two different points following settlement. During these inspections, warranty technicians check the condition of the home, as well as, repair any items of concern. Although, it’s important to mention that when buying new, it is not uncommon to have zero items of concern or repairs in a home months or even years after settlement.

MAKING IT YOURS: Only when you buy new can you personalize your new home with the interior selections (cabinets, ceramic tile/hardwood floors, countertops, hardware, etc.) that reflect your personal style. Yes, you can absolutely buy a re-sale home and remodel, but keep in mind that the costs are usually considerable. Said differently, there is a cost to tear out the used carpets, counter tops, cabinets and hardwood floors. When you buy a new home, it’s essentially like starting with a blank canvas – it’s your picture to paint – to reflect your style and fit the way you live. Additionally, when selecting your interior options, you’ll have the expertise of a design studio consultant to lend as much or as little professional insight as you’d like when making your selections!

While we believe there are a great number of reasons to buy new, we find these to be the top three. We hope this explanation has served as an informative tool that will help you when weighing your options of buying re-sale or buying new. Either way, best of luck in your search!